Mushrooms: Boletus queletii

Mushrooms: Boletus queletii

Class: Basidiomycetes
Scientific name: Boletus queletii Schulzer

Morphological characteristics

Hat: 5-20 cm, first hemispherical then convex, slightly velvety, variable color, orange, yellow-chrome, ocher.
: semi-free, from yellow to greenish-yellow turning blue.
Pori: small, round, orange with purplish red hues, lighter, yellow, towards the edge, veering.
Stem: 5-18 x 1.5-4 cm, full, firm, more or less claviform or fusiform with the base slightly rooting, reddish at the bottom (without crosslinking), shaded towards the yellow at the top, with sometimes greenish shades in the half.
Meat: yellow, firm, red at the foot, turning blue in the air and then becoming greyish, acidulous and fruity smell, sweet taste with a bitter aftertaste.
spore: brownish-olive.

Boletus queletii(photo Arturo Baglivo

Edibility, habitat and observations

Relationship with the surrounding plant environment: symbiote mushroom.
Species under broad-leaved trees in open places, from late spring to autumn.
Discreet edible cooked.

Video: Porcini growth movie (January 2022).