Cat breeds: Kurilian Bobtail

Cat breeds: Kurilian Bobtail

FIFe classification and history

Dorigin country: Kurili islands (Russia).

The Kurilian Bobtail is extremely rare and is found almost exclusively on the Kurili islands. The breed has a very short tail but well-stocked and full of fur.The Kurilian Bobtail cat probably descends from some specimens of Japanese Bobtail. Since 1875 the Kurili Islands belong to Russia, but before that date they belonged to Japan, from where, probably, some Bobtail cats were brought. Some of these cats returned to the wild, while others remained domesticated and were bred as companion cats.
For a long time the Kurili, inaccessible volcanic islands, were a military base and the few inhabitants had little contact with the rest of the world. Comparing the Japanese Bobtail and Kurilian Bobtail, it can be seen that the latter are more robust and heavier. There was probably a natural selection that favored the more robust specimens and the fur more resistant to the harsh climate of the islands.
Following the disintegration of the Soviet Union, some scientists were able to reach the Kurili archipelago and discovered the existence of this breed of cats, which were subsequently imported to the continent.
Kurilian Bobtail cats are still practically unknown outside of Russia, and are found in the wild or domestic state on the islands of the same name.

Kurilian Bobtail (photo


Kurilian Bobtails are sociable and good-natured cats, they easily adapt to domestic life and show their affection without being intrusive.
They love to be pampered and live exceptionally well with other cats and dogs.


The hair of the Kurilian Bobtail does not need excessive care: it is sufficient to brush it once a week with a bristle brush, or a wide-toothed comb, to remove the dead hair.
These cats are subject to a short but intense shedding in the spring, a period in which the hair must be subject to greater care.
The ears must be cleaned, only when necessary, with a specific product for cleaning the ears of cats; the tips of the nails can be shortened, if necessary, with special scissors.

Kurilian Bobtail (photo

Physical characteristics

The body of the Kurilian Bobtail is strong, muscular and robust; the powerful hind legs are longer than the front ones and therefore the back is slightly tilted forward. A characteristic of the breed is landatura: in some situations the cat advances with great circumspection carrying very slowly one leg at a time. The tail, no longer than eight centimeters, is kept to the side in resting situations and straight when the cat walks or is alert. The tail can be gnarled, curved or even crooked or twisted (spiral).
The Kurilian Bobtail has a medium-sized head, with a rather elongated muzzle in the shape of a triangle and full cheeks. The ears are high on the skull, medium in size and abundantly hairy. The nose is of medium length and slightly inclined. The eyes are large and almond-shaped, with a watchful and intelligent expression. The vibrissae and the lashes are very long.
Kurilian Bobtail exist both with short hair and with semi-long hair. Cats with a semi-long coat have a medium length hair that is soft as silk, and has little undercoat. The hair is considerably longer on the ruff, on the belly and on the sides. The tail ends with a nice hairy pom-pom and thick tufts of fur sprout between the fingers of the paws.
Kurilian Bobtails are bred only in traditional colors, black, red and tortoiseshell, their diluted: blue, cream and blue tortie with or without white spots also in the silver and smoke varieties, in turn recognized in all colors . All these colors can be tabby (with agoutis) or self (without agoutis).

The following colors are not allowed:
- chocolate
- cinnamon
- fawn
- lavender and the colorpoint variant.

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