Archipelago National Park of La Maddalena - Sardinia

Archipelago National Park of La Maddalena - Sardinia

Type of protected area - Where it is located

Typology: National Park; established with law n. 10 and D.P.R. May 17, 1996.
Region: Sardinia
Province: Sassari

La Maddalena National Park occupies a land area of ​​5,134 hectares and a marine area of ​​13,000 hectares. Seven granite islands (with La Maddalena, the only inhabited area; in addition to a series of small islets and rocky rocks), embellished by the green of the maquis, for centuries places of transition or refuge. In 1803 they were chosen by Horace Nelson as a naval base.

Punta San Giorgio - Archipelago of La Maddalena National Park (photo


The granite rocks that form the archipelago originated around 300 million years ago. The rise of the Mediterranean after the last ice age separated them from Gallura. The coasts have deep inlets (rias) dug by ancient waterways and small sandy stretches. The granite quarried by the water and the wind has sometimes taken on strange shapes, such as the bear of Palau, the head of the witch of Cala Corsara or the octopus of La Maddalena. The latter is the largest and only island to be permanently inhabited; it is crossed by a panoramic road and some secondary ones that lead to the sea or the central hills to the fortress of Guardia Vecchia (today Meteorological Observatory). Very impressive are the Forte dArbuticci and Poggio Rasu Superiore, built in the nineteenth century. In addition to Maddalena, the main islands that make up the archipelago are Caprera (to the east, with an area of ​​15.75 sq km and a coastal development of 34 km), Budelli, Razzolo, Santa Maria, Spargi, Santo Stefano. To these are added a myriad of islets scattered in the stretch of sea between the Bocche di Bonifacio and the Costa Smeralda. Caprera (whose highest point is Mount Teialone 212 m high) is accessed from Maddalena via a dam about half a kilometer long and a small bridge. Crossing a suggestive pine forest you reach Garibaldi's house. A dirt road crosses the island of Caprera from south to north, through promontories and expanses of Mediterranean scrub. To the east, near Punta Coticcio, a lighthouse signals the Monaci shoal, where dolphins can be spotted. In front of Palau is the Island of Santo Stefano, where, alas, there is a US base with nuclear submarines.

Flora and fauna

The typical landscape of the islands of the La Maddalena archipelago is characterized by granite rocks and mastic, olives, myrtle, junipers, lavender and rosemary. In Spargi there is a formation of holm oaks and strawberry trees, while in Caprera there are stretches of pine forest. The coastal sands are populated by an interesting psammophilous vegetation, composed of sea roses, silenes, helichrysum, sea lily.
Very interesting lavifauna present on the islands: marangone with the tuft, Berta major, Corsican seagull, jackdaw, sparrow hawk, buzzard and many birds that frequent the scrub bushes (oculus, sterpazzolina, Sardinian magnanine). Also present are the marginate tortoise and that of Herman (Testudo hermanni).

Budelli island

Typology: Marine Protected Area established with D.M.A.M.B. July 29, 1992, included in the Maddalena Archipelago National Park
Municipality: La Maddalena (SS)
Just north of the island of Spargi, it is famous for its mythical pink beach. Larenile coral color (effect due to a high presence of bioclasts deriving from the fragmentation of bryozoans and foraminifers, in particular pink Miniacina miniacea) the chromatic intensity of the colors of the sea and the shapes of the granites that surround the cove constitute a unique show in the world.

Caprera island

State Biogenetic Nature Reserve established with D.M.A.F. August 8, 1980, included in the Maddalena Archipelago National Park
Municipality: La Maddalena (SS)
Connected to the island of Maddalena by a bridge, it is protected by an absolute constraint of building. The Caprera Nature Reserve is in fact one of the most environmentally sound environments in the Mediterranean.

Bubelli Island - La Maddalena Archipelago National Park (photo

Information for the visit

How to get there:
- from Palau (about 120 km from Sassari): access by ferry to La Maddalena Island.

Park Management Committee
Via Giulio Cesare, 7
La Maddalena (SS)

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